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"It's not enough!"

The "It's Not Enough! " mind...

It always has something to say, no?

"I want this, I need that, I should do this.

Something needs to change, something needs to happen."

That mind is extremely useful, don't get me wrong.

It allows us to move, change, strive and evolve.

But, not always.

Most of the time, it just creates a veil,

a veil between us and the perfection of what Is.

The wave always goes forward, that is its nature

But in truth it needs nothing to be the ocean.

And so are we:

running forward under the pressure of the "Not enough Mind"

And forgetting our completeness, our inherent peace.

There is nowhere else to go to discover the unwavering happiness we are all looking for.

So how to work with the "It's not enough" mind?

At first it might be useful to consciously invite it during meditation.

By asking for what it has to say.

"Ok, tell me, what do I need be completely happy?"

And let it go for it, all of it's idea of improvements and unfulfilled dreams.

And then, when it has nothing else to say, when it comes to a stop,

Well, first thank it for its amazing job,

after all it is just trying to help.

Then, remind yourself of the deeper truth:

That the wave needs nowhere to go to be the ocean.

And let it pass freely, without getting involved or touched

just like wind moving through the leaves of a tree.

Later on in the practice,

As soon as it appears within the stillness of presence

You will recognize it, smile to it's busy nature,

Welcome both it's wisdom and it's limitations

And let it pass by until nothing remains

but peace and beauty.

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