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You are awake... You just don't believe it.

Look within your own mind, on the reason you believe you are not awake:

Should it feel different than what is now?

Should it be just like the spiritual experience you’ve had?

Should it be the flash of light and rocking experience described by so many others?

Are you not practicing enough meditation ?

Are you not worthy? Not wise enough?

Or you don’t really want it enough?

There is a belief right now, telling you you are not free.

Look with ruthless honesty and joyfully fearlessly

Ruthless honesty because we usually don’t like to go where that question is leading us. It might bring discomfort or be too confronting. And that’s ok.

And with joyful fearlesslness because it has nothing to do with you personally. This is what all of us go have to go through : the inner resistance to unconditional freedom, the hesitation before the agnowledgment of peace and the humility of letting go of « me ».

One you find that core belief, welcome it openly and warmly.

After all it is just doing it’s job to protect a separate identity needing to remain divided from the whole.

But this has nothing to do with your essential nature, this is just a mecanical and habitual process of the ego.

It is equally fonctionning in all human being: that which creates and perpetuates a sense of « me and mine ».

Invite it to remain here, in the midst of this moment.

But do not pay attention to it anymore. Just like with a little kid wanting to speak to you during a beautiful concert: gently but frimly keep him quiet.

And see what is aroung it, listen to the music of the moment, get touched by it’s inherent hamrony, perfection and overwhemling peace.

And know, that what you are is aready awake.

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