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Dr Dominique Cassidy, md, psychiatrist FMH

As a physician :


  • MD from the School of Medicine Lausanne, and then specialist title in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (FMH). Worked as a resident in geriatric, palliative care and general medicine, and then specialization in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, with a specific interest in mindfulness approaches and systemic therapy.

  • Development of « Conscious Body therapy » symptom management approach (anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain etc.), based on movements, breathing exercise and meditation. Included in the treatments offered in different psychiatric facilities.

  • Development of « Therapeutic Meditation », therapeutic group for psychiatric ambulatory patients.

As a teacher :


  • Hatha Yoga Instructor (teaching since 2003)

  • Aikido Instructor (4th degree black belt, Aikikai)

  • Meditation Instructor, inspired by non dual Buddhist and Hindu teachings. Training in MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), regular silent retreats.

  • Burnout Prevention program : integrative approach using the body, introspective processes and meditation. Specificity for healthcare professionals. (CHUV, Centre Neuchâtelois de Psychiatrie)

  • Intermediary teaching Staff at the Bio-Medical Faculty of Lausanne (FBM-UNIL), seminar « Religion, spirituality and medicine » since 2008

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