October 1, 2018

Look within your own mind, on the reason you believe you are not awake:

Should it feel different than what is now?

Should it be just like the spiritual experience you’ve had?

Should it be the flash of light and rocking experience described by so many others?

Are you not pr...

August 18, 2018

So many of us meditators are quite intimidated by emotions.

They are seen as major distractors, unworkably noisy and very often a source of discomfort. 

But is it possible to be free with emotions?

First recognize fully the emotion that has arisen.

Resist the temptation to...

January 4, 2018

Breath In the whole of this moment

The beautiful and the ugly

The madness of the world and its greatness 

Your own limitations and most surprising abilities 

Breath Out the whole of this moment

The fears and the ambitions

The past and the future

What you know of yourself and...

January 4, 2018

A l'age de 14 ans, j'ai vécu mon premier insight:

J'avais perdu mon porte-monnaie...

C'est en réfléchissant à tout ce qui s'y trouvait,

Je découvrais à quel point j'allais regretter ce que j'avais perdu. 

Et je me suis questionnée: si c'était comme cela pour tout le r...

December 14, 2017

The "It's Not Enough! " mind...

It always has something to say, no?

"I want this, I need that, I should do this.

Something needs to change, something needs to happen."

That mind is extremely useful, don't get me wrong.

It allows us to move, change, strive and evolve.

But, no...

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