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Mind-body therapy for chronic pain

Is it possible to live better with chronic pain ? Is it possible to reduce its impact and intensity ?


Many studies are confirming this : we have the ability to face and include chronic pain in a way that it reduces its challenges on our day to day life.


To do that, we will explore : How can I find balance with chronic pain ? Chronic pain has an important impact on all level of our experience : in our behaviors, our emotions, our thoughts and in our relationships. We will look at those different domains interact and how, by modulating one of them, can influence the others, positively. How to settle in life with the pain ? Many techniques allow to decentralize the pain from our attention, to learn to relax with it, and to reduce the felt-sense of pain : for that we can explore mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, body awareness practices. We will look together for the most appropriate practice for you.

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