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and contemplative practices 

I have always been fascinated with the question of happiness. How to live a life filled with meaning and peace.

Whether teaching Aikido, Yoga and Meditation or in my practice as a doctor, the question is always the same: is there a way to see ourself, the world and life in a way that allows for greater joy and freedom? 

Dr. Dominique cassidy

Meditation Beyond Boundaries

There are many doorways into peace and happiness. Meditation opens them.


From burnout to altruism:

integrative Burnout prevention program for caregiverS


In exploring and understanding the patterns of our mind and behaviors, we can start to change the way we relate to them and discover a fuller and deeper way to live.


Centering meditation


meditation retreat

10-12 september 2021

Hotel Beau-site

Chemin sur martigny


Centre presence
Dre DOminique Cassidy

Rue de Clodevis 42

1967 Bramois

Tél: 076 492 25 50

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