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About Spirituality

Each of us, more or less consciously, is on a spiritual path. That is, each of us has essential values

that influence our decisions and priorities, and/or a connection with something beyond ourself. We

all might give it different names, such as Love, God, Beauty, Wisdom or Peace. All those words relating

to the same source, just like many colors shining from one jewel. We are all on a journey. Though our

paths differ according to our story, we all share the same longing : to be truly happy and deeply at


Our world culture makes us believe that we will get there through « getting more » or

« becoming more ». That’s the reason we all get involved in ambition : the ambition in the world, in our relationships, in who we want to be and what we want to experience. But that belief into happiness made of « more » or « better » is in and of itself the source of our suffering. How could we ever find happiness when nothing ever lasts ? But there is another type of movement. Not directed towards the outer world and its vain promises, but towards the inner Self and its inherent beauty. A pause into the perfection of the moment in which nothing else is needed. An awe for what Is, in which the « chase for more » ends. Ambitions are transparent : they are just like mirages, never reached and always keeping us in expectation. When we see that, the struggle ends. We cease to be distracted from what is the true essence of this moment: beauty, simplicity, and the peace of being. Everything we looked for Is already here. In this movement towards stillness, life becomes clear and simple. The involvement in the world looses the tension of success and fear of failure. Action remains, but vibrates as Silence. And more sharing arises : the freer we are, the better we love. The deepening of our spiritual path is always awaiting us : as soon as we long for it and take the time to nurture it, it reveals itself : shining softly and powerfully as the Silence within.

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